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Storage facility in stornoway

Our brand new, centrally located facility with clean, secure, breathable units, full-time CCTV operation and a secure keypad entry system is now available for short or long-term storage needs.


We have various sizes available from 2m² to 18m² . Whether it be a few boxes of keepsakes you just can't bring yourself to throw out or an entire house's worth of stuff you need safely stored while you move home we are sure to have a suitable size. 

Our units are well-lit and have ground-level access so please get in touch for a quote or for more information.  Free up some space and put your mind at rest that your belongings are being kept safe, dry and secure.


Have you got a student who needs to store their stuff during the holidays or while waiting to start a new job? Keep the family home uncluttered by storing your students things for a few months in our clean and well ventilated units. 



Moving house is hectic! So the simpler you can make the moving process the better. Any non-essential items in your house can be packed up and stored before your moving day leaving you space and clarity to get on with the essentials.

Storage can be used if you need to declutter your home prior to selling. Make sure your home is presented to potential purchasers looking its absolute best with minimal clutter and more open space. 

for Small Businesses

Small business can benefit from storage in many ways. If your business is rapidly growing then the extra space of a storage unit could help your work life balance by freeing up space in your home. Reclaim that spare room all of boxes!

How about bulk buying stock and keeping it at our dry, well ventilated and secure facility? You won't get caught out with broken down ferries or inclement weather holding up your production if your stock is on hand and you'll save money bulk buying too. 


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